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lucy National Museum

Exhibits numerous relics and archeological findings from prehistoric times to modern day. The skeleton of the early hominid "Lucy" which is 3.5 million years old and the fossil Ramadis - Ramadis Kabala. (5.8 million years old) are very historic.

Oromo lady The Ethnological Museum

It was part of the late Emperor Haileselassie's former palace. It now houses an interesting overview of Ethiopian crafts, culture and art. The art section contains an extensive collection of well displayed classical, religious, icons and artefacts as well as more recent paintings.

Entoto Mt Entoto & St. Mary Museum

It provides a panoramic view of Addis Ababa, the Awash and Blue Nile river catchment areas. Entoto Mariam church & its museum & St. Raguel's church, are all of great historical values.

Selassie Cathedral The Selassie Cathedral

The best cathedral in Addis Ababa. It is also the burial ground of the late Emperor Haileselassie.

Statue of Menelik ll Avenues, Statues, Monuments

The capital city Addis Ababa, is a host city of many international organizations like UNECA (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa), OAU (Organization of African Unity) now A.U (African Unity) etc.

Tiya Melka-Kunture, Adadi Mariam & Tiya

Two million years old archeological site is found at melkakunture (52 km for Addis Ababa). 13th Century rock hewn Church of AdadiMariam and 12th Century A.D. steles at Tiya (World Heritage Site by UNESCO), are very interesting.

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